The Beginning Of It All

The Beginning Of It All

A Brief History: Paolo and I met in June 2016 at Bad Bob’s Nightclub in Dublin. It was by complete chance, that our paths crossed. I never go to nightclubs, let alone on a bar crawl.. and Paolo… well Paolo keeps to himself and isn’t fond of meeting women in nightclubs. If it wasn’t for the animated dancing of one of his Italian friends and my incredible younger cousin, Kate, we would of never met each other that evening. Little did we both know just how life changing the events of that evening would be. Despite the short time together in Ireland, we decided to give it a chance. Fast forward a year later and we’re both quitting our steady jobs, giving up our apartments, and pretty much leaving everything we’ve ever known to explore parts of the world foreign to us.

Paolo pitched the idea to me early in our relationship. I’ve always been a traveler and viewed my ultimate happiness in life to be spent traveling with a man I love. And although, we hadn’t fallen in love with each other yet, here was my ideal opportunity. My initial reaction surprised me. I was taken back by the seriousness of his proposal. In an instant, all of my life’s comforts and securities flew through my mind and I thought, I can’t give it all up. That’s my life. So I casually responded with a “yea, maybe, I mean I love traveling, but I’ve never travelled without a home base to come back to.” It was a lot to digest at the time, but that conversation planted a seed, and the more I watered that seed and thought about it, the more that seed grew. As that seed grew, so did we as a couple, and eventually the response to that idea planted oh so many months ago, became “because why not?”


6 thoughts on “The Beginning Of It All

  1. I am so excited for both of you and cannot wait to follow your travels, the world is your oyster, love the life you live, live the life you love !! Love you Melissa To The Moon & back and I know I will love Paolo when I get to meet him!!❤️❤️

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