The Appetizer

The Appetizer

Part A: Two Roads- Safe & Secure or Free & Unknown 
Once the decision was made to dive into the unknown and live atypically from what we’ve raised to strive for- little things I’d never thought about before started creeping into my thoughts. Slowly I started realizing all the things (yes, things) I’d have to say goodbye to. Each item slipping into my mind randomly as time progressed. First it was my job, then it was my apartment, my car, my cell phone (I’ve had the same number since I was 16 years old when it was attached to my beeper; yes it’s that old) and so on. With each realization, came a brief moment of panic… followed by the mantra: “it’s just stuff”, “don’t be attached”, “you can always get another job, apartment, car, cell phone, and so on”, and most importantly, “it’s not that serious.” I saw each feeling of worry as a challenge to myself to overcome. But wait… what about health insurance? What about my mail? What about my financial accounts? What about my seeing my best friends children grow up? What about supporting my mom through hard times? What about all the things you’re gonna miss back home? What about all the amazing things I’m gonna miss by staying? I’ve made my choice. I want to jump. I don’t ever want to look back at life and wonder what if? It’s like someone once said, all the woulda, coulda, shouldas disappear with one little do.*

*I’m not entirely sure if someone once said that, but there’s a lot of people in the world and there’s a good probability of it. 
Part B: Organization & Planning 

This area is ever changing and always evolving. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my past, and each journey has always been researched and planned. It was a comfort and security for me, knowing there was a plan; knowing where I was going and when I was leaving. It was safe. As I got older and began more closely examining myself and ways of being, I began to let go of things that used to comfort me. I began acknowledging, accepting, and working to change the traits about myself I didn’t like. It’s not an easy road and definitely takes consistent work, but it is possible. Overtime, I became comfortable in not having every aspect of my present life planned out. I loved having no plans on the weekend and being free to do as I pleased. Thankfully, my boyfriend is on the same page as me in this regard (as well as most areas of this adventure luckily). We don’t want to commit to a set plan. We want to remain open and flexible. We established no time limit, no goal to reach, just a budget to abide by. Other than that, we have a very flexible and broad plan that continues to evolve….as of current it’s leave NYC by the beginning of August, head north into Canada, then west towards California, then south towards Central and South America. 

Oh, have I mentioned, we’ve decided to drive? 


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