Saturday, June 24. 

My dad is an incredible father. I’ll spare you the many, many reasons why I believe that and just tell you that he drove with me to pick up the van…. on his day off (cause you know, driving 2 hours one way, only to drive 2 hours back 30 minutes later is what everyone wants to do on their day off). Not only that, but he drove my, yet to be inspected by a mechanic, Craigslist found, $500 given back off the price, 20+ year old, van back to NYC. I didn’t know it at the time, but found out later, that he was worried about van and drove it because he was concerned for my safety and if anything happened, he’d put his life on line before mine. Thankfully, nothing happened on the drive back. The van drove like a champ and is now parked happily on a NYC street patiently awaiting Paolo’s arrival. 

Why is the van awaiting Paolo? Well, I’m in no way skilled or knowledgeable in how to even go about building the interior of a van for life on the road. Luckily, our van is mostly equipped for an off the grid, traveling, life… but we’re missing a bed (slightly important) and Paolo wants to add some shelving. We’ve got a great relationship, Paolo and I…. I find the van and he builds the inside. Balance… it’s all about that balance. That, and I openly admit not having the slightest clue as to how to build anything…. BUT I can’t wait to watch Paolo and learn and be there to hold screws and pieces of wood (you know, cause that stuffs important too). 

Parking the van in NYC is absolute crap. Not only do I worry about the safety of the van (from vehicles accidentally hitting it to it getting broken into), but also alternate side street parking and tickets. My neighborhood isn’t a dangerous place, but it’s busy and like everywhere, it’s got its rotten people. People whose main source of income is stealing and selling other people’s property. 

That being said, I spent an entire day searching Craigslist for reasonably priced garages/lots/private parking spots to store the van until Paolo gets here in July. I called and email a total of 3 places, ranging in distance from 30-60 minutes away, priced below $80/mth. Long story short, my father drove the van to get inspected with me, tried to fit it in the garage I already have for my Jeep- Nope, too tall to fit. Next plan, search my hood for a big enough spot… nope nothing… keep driving straight to my dad’s neighborhood. My dad, being awesome, moved his car to give me his spot which was big enough, and I don’t have to move it until Wednesday (alternate side street cleaning). My dad with the win! Yet another reason he’s wonderful. 

Naturally, I’m still a bit worried about its safety being that my dad lives in a neighborhood slightly similar to mine. My dad, knowing that I’m a nut, sends me this the next day: He moved the van to a better spot and doesn’t have to be moved until a week later! Incredible. 

❤️ so proud of the man my father has became and I’m so thankful for the support, knowledge, guidance, and unconditional love he shows me. P.S. After everything my dad told me, “you did good” with the van. Those three words meant the world to me. My heart filled with happiness. I never want to disappoint my parents, especially my dad. 


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