The boyfriend: Paolo grew up in Northern Italy where he worked as an electrician. After working 6 days/week for 9+hrs/day for 10 years, Paolo decided there was more to life than just work. He left his co-owned business and moved to Ireland. In Ireland, he improved his English and worked his way up in the culinary field to become a sous chef in a traditional Irish restaurant. Fun fact about Paolo: He’s the most easy going man you’ll ever meet.

The girlfriend: Melissa grew up in NYC and has been a dedicated traveler since 2003, visiting New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Thailand, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, and road tripped across US (twice). She has been an early childhood educator for the past 7 years, and since the age of 15, has never been without a job. Fun fact about Melissa: She’s ridiculously optimistic and always believes “it could be worse.”

I, Melissa, will be the main author of this blog (it’s my first one, I don’t like sharing the details of my life with the the internet, but this is different, this is for our family/friends- a way to take everyone we love with us on our journey). Ideally, my awesome boyfriend will translate my words into Italian so his family/friends back home can keep up with our travels. Time will only tell if this happens.

A Brief History of Us: Paolo and I met in June 2016 at Bad Bob’s Nightclub in Dublin. It was by complete chance, that our paths crossed. I never go to nightclubs, let alone on a bar crawl.. and Paolo… well Paolo keeps to himself and isn’t fond of meeting women in nightclubs. If it wasn’t for the animated dancing of one of his Italian friends and my incredible younger cousin, Kate, we would of never met each other that evening. Little did we both know just how life changing the events of that evening would be. Despite the short time together in Ireland, we decided to give it a chance. Fast forward a year later and we’re both quitting our steady jobs, giving up our apartments, and pretty much leaving everything we’ve ever known to explore parts of the world foreign to us.